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Our Multilevel Security Protection Services

Contract Uniformed Security Agents


Uniformed Security Agents or “Security Guards” shall be
 registered with Texas DPS, and receive job-specific
training to satisfy the clients’ needs. How these agents
are equipped and professionally attired is dependent
upon the needs and specifications of the client. The agents can be outfitted and equipped in a variety of formats depending on the client’s requirements for either “Hard Security”, or “Soft Security”. In all formats, two-way radios are a part of the agents’ equipment if needed. Any combination of the following formats is available:


Format Options:

·         Armed-Having on their person and in plain view, a side-arm, shotgun, stun gun, taser gun, chemical mace, night stick, or baton.

·         Unarmed-Having none of the above-listed items on their person.  


·         Attired in Corporate Wear-Consisting of a Blazer with an attached Company Patch, Dress Slacks, White Shirt,

Neck Tie, and Name Tag.




·         Attired in Tactical or Duty Gear-Dark Blue Uniform Pants, Uniform Shirt with Company Patch, Badge (either metal or embroidered),  Uniform Duty Belt containing

            the minimum of: one (1) set of Handcuffs.



·         Attired in “EVENT STAFF” or “SECURITY” Polo Shirt Gear-Consisting of a Polo Shirt and/or Jacket (yellow in color for EVENT STAFF choice) with the words: “EVENT STAFF” or “SECURITY” prominently displayed on the front and back of said garment(s), Agents wearing this gear shall wear Black slacks, and shall display on a connecting lanyard positioned around the agent’s neck at all times, a U.S. Legal Associates Identification Card containing their name, employee I.D. number, photograph, and a live telephone number for authority and employment verification. 





Personal Protection Officers (PPO) “Bodyguards” (Armed or Unarmed)


All PPO personnel shall be either Off-Duty Texas Peace Officers or Licensed PPO’s by the Texas DPS. These agents are always presented in non-uniform attire. The client may dictate their preference of an Armed or Unarmed agent, and if Handcuffs are permitted.


The standard attire and equipment for PPO Agents consists of:

·         A Conservative Dark Complete Dress Suit

·         Dress Neck Tie

·         Comfortable Black Dress Shoes

·         Two-Way Radio with Surveillance Earpiece Kit

·         Cellular Telephone

·         Handcuffs

·         Optional (Client’s Choice) Concealed Handgun


Alternative Non-Uniform Attire may consist of:

·         Street or Casual Wear-Example: Jeans and a Golf Shirt & Cap, and a Windbreaker Jacket.

·         Two-Way Radio with Surveillance Earpiece Kit

·         Cellular Telephone

·         Handcuffs

·         Optional (Client’s Choice) Concealed Handgun


  Bodyguards, Special Service Agents, and Security Escorts for V.I.P.'s, Executives, and Celebrity Guest Visitors for Public Events.

We are proud to be a Certified Contractor and a part of the
NFL's Emerging Business Program.

Our Security and Personal Protection program is second to none.  We provide the most effective service for our discriminating clients which include Corporate Executives, Professional Athletes and Celebrities. 

Call for more information on reserving agents for your event. 


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