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About the Agents who Serve You

The Texas Department of Public Safety regulates the private security industry in Texas through its’ Private Security Bureau, which oversees armed and unarmed security guards; alarm companies; residential and public video security companies; armored cars and armored car couriers; private investigators; body guards; locksmiths; and electronic access control device installers; as well as the companies that employ these individuals.

Our Screening Process (Background Checks & Qualifications) for Employment- 

Every Agent for U.S. Legal Associates including the Manager, Executive Officers, Clerical Personnel, and Field Agents must submit to and pass, a stringent DPS and FBI Criminal Background Check, as well as our own background and reference checks before being employed or contracted by our agency.  The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires that:  “Applicants for licensing or registration by the Private Security Bureau must have undergone a fingerprint-based state and national criminal history check." In addition to these legal requirements, all of our agents must complete a state required Level I and Level II training course, plus maintain Continuing Education courses throughout their employment.  

Founder and Operations Manager-

BJ Davis started his first business in the private security and private investigation industry in 1978 while attending college as an undergraduate student. Nine years later, he reached the apex of his formal education by earning a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree in 1987.  Since then he has developed and successfully utilized unique scientific and methodical approaches to solve many complex and complicated issues for his clients. He has provided services, consultations, and advice to many businesses, Fortune 500 Companies, attorneys, insurance companies, physicians, U.S. defense contractors, and several high-profile individuals and organizations including American Airlines and the Dallas Cowboys Football Club.  He is responsible for creating and developing various proprietary special medical investigation techniques, as well as several unique techniques that have been used successfully in Bodyguard  Operations, Special Service Agent Details, and "Hard Security" Details for High Profile and V.I.P. clients.  He has trained many agents in the art of providing clients with: High Level Security, Investigative Services, Detailed Written Reports, Effective Court and Administrative Hearing Testimony and Relevant and Useful Evidence.

Click here to read an actual Appellate Judge's ruling in a case where BJ Davis testified and the judge ruled in the favor of one of Davis' clients.


President and Process Service Division Manager-
Sonia Davis

"Our Licensed Private Investigators proudly serve the entire state of Texas as well as other states throughout the United States via our associated network of Private Investigators.  Agents are also Certified by the Texas Supreme Court to perform Civil Process Services.  With broad backgrounds in supporting the Civil & Family Legal Community, our agents are able to File Legal Documents & Set Hearings with Court Clerks, Coordinators, Judges, Etc., and perform Records Research & Retrieval on behalf of attorneys. We take pride in our work and stand by it 100%. Give us the opportunity to serve you." 


Our agents in all capacities are available for instant deployment in the field as well as last minute travel when needed. We will work around the clock if necessary, to get you the information you need. We are well versed in obtaining video surveillance footage, photographs, and factual details pertaining to structures, facilities, parking, travel routes, risk assessments, and other pertinent facts, all of which can be digitally downloaded and emailed to you and/or your client instantly.   Also, we utilize the latest high tech surveillance and communication equipment that allows you to:


·   View live streaming video from our cameras from an observation or surveillance in progress; and


·   Participate in live in-field interviews which allows you to conduct the interview yourself virtually face to face.

U.S. Legal Associates and U.S. Legal Agents is a dba of PennTex Services, Ltd. a Texas Corporation